Caesars slots

Caesars slots: significant benefits and interesting theme!

Caesars slots are dedicated to the great ruler of the Roman Empire, famous Julius Caesar

In Caesars slots, gamers will have access to various ways and capabilities of the gambling. By making real bets, they get all the chances for a big prize. In addition to the traditional option with the formation of combinations, the visitors will find other profitable functions. The Caesars free slots are ready to present a bonus tour with a set of additional spins that will bring maximum payouts, a highly paid symbol with a high coefficient, and additional features.

caesars slots

Caesars slots: Interface & Gameplay

All control keys of Caesars slots are on the console at the bottom of the screen:

  • the round button in the center on the right – rotation;
  • “Max Bet” – a bet on the maximum size;
  • “Bet” – a bet on one line.

Other designations will allow guests to adjust the sound range, display settings, as well as refer to the pay-table for a more detailed study of the rules and features of the slot.

Active Buttons & Peculiarities of Design

The slots have a thematic interface and a screensaver in the form of the Caesars Palace. Here players will find amazing graphics and functionality. The control buttons clearly indicate certain functions and do not cause any problems during the game.

  • It is possible to change the number of active lines in two ways: using the Lines key or by clicking on the numerical designation on the scales to the left and right of the reels;
  • The bet for the line in coins is changed using the Line Bet key. It is possible to bet from 1 to 5 Caesars slots free coins;
  • The Bet Max button automatically sets the maximum bet per line and the number of lines.

In the Help section, players will find all the necessary background information.

System of Symbols

There are no special symbols here. The game involves only six of them associated with Caesar:

  • Pictures with a drum and a vase receive the smallest reward. The minimum number of symbols for forming a winning combination is two. The reward for them will not exceed the bet for the spin. For two, three, four, and five images of a drum or a vase, players will receive 2, 10, 50, 200 linear bets;
  • The helmet and sword will bring a big reward: 2, 10, 100, 500 linear bets for two, three, four, and five symbols.

Among the most expensive symbols are the emblem with an eagle and a bust of Caesar.

The Main Principles of Gambling

The users can activate 1-5 prize lines. Combinations of the same symbols bring the win. Gamblers can see them on adjacent reels and one active line. The combination of symbols is counted from left to right, with one symbol on the first reel. Players can start the drums in two modes: manual and automatic. In the first case, they should press the Spin key. After the start of the rotation, they can use the Stop key, which allows stopping the reels ahead of time. As soon as the reels stop, the winnings from all active lines will be calculated and credited to the account.

Winning Strategies & Secrets

First of all, users should not make the maximum bets at the beginning of the game. When choosing the number of lines by which winning combinations will be calculated, they must not dwell on the maximum values. If players use Caesars slots for the first time, they should avoid auto mode.

Distinctive Features

These slots are available in mobile online casino applications. So, gamblers can use mobile gadgets (IOS/Android) to play, but the most comfortable for it is the iPad. It is also worth noting that during a series of free spins, free spins can be won repeatedly. At the end of free spins, there is a chance to get a multiplier from x2 to x10. It will increase the total gain for the free spins cycle.

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