Casino High Low (High Low Casino)
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Casino High Low (High Low Casino) from iSoftBet

Gambling entertainment does not have to be complicated and require special skills and abilities. There are card games that are extremely simple rules and yet remain very entertaining and are very popular among thousands of players around the world. One such model is the Casino High Low card game.

Play Casino High Low online

Casino High Low is a free online card game that uses a classic fifty-two sheet deck without jokers. It is shuffled before each hand. The goal of playing Casino High Low is very simple. You see one card open and have to guess whether the next card in the deck will be older or younger than it. If the answer is correct, you get a payout. It is calculated by a multiplier that depends on the value of the open card. This multiplier ranges from 1.1 to 10.7.

After each win, you can take your money back or leave it on the line as your next bet. To play at Casino High Low you can bet from ten cents to ten euros (using NetBet Casino as an example). Data on the theoretical return card game Casino High Low we do not have.

High Low Casino

How do I play Casino High Low? (Interface)

Casino High Low game interface is completely russified. Translated to Russian all the inscriptions on the control panel and table layout, dialog boxes and options, and help section. This will make it much easier to get acquainted with the rules of the game. In the custom settings of Casino High Low there is an opportunity to adjust or turn off the sound, select the speed of the cards distribution, turn on the turbo game, as well as make some other changes to the gameplay.

Bet size is set by selecting the coins of the desired denomination, followed by clicking on the box on the layout. The buttons on the control panel alternate depending on the current game situation. Only those that can be used at the moment are available. The others disappear. Download a card game Casino High Low is not necessary. You can run it in your browser on the site of the online casino.

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